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    Welcome to vis Shanghai Kinglion Machinery Co., Ltd.!

    High-speed single needle lockstitch sewing machine




    Product Description:

    BSL-9000&8900&8500&5550 Series High Speed Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine (Dry Take-up Components)/ Normal Lockstitch Sewing Machine

    Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine
    Single Needle Normal Lockstitch Sewing Machine.

    BSL-9000 has a better shape and the high quality internal structure, low low noise and vibration, dry take up lever relieves fabric been polluted.
    BSL-8900 feet and revise stitch can be adjusted, guarantees the consistency of stitch.
    BSL-8500/5550 classic products, extra value; forward and reverse stitch can be adjusted.
    BSL-8950 this machine improve from BSL-8900 lockstitch length, it is special for heavy duty with same small hook as normal lockstitch, but it can sew max.8mm stitch and 12 layer of jeans.