There is a presently a contemporary way of keeping the chill of the outside environment from creeping inside your room. UPVC windows are able to do this, and of late many people are converting their old windows to these types. Here are some of the reasons why these windows are increasingly becoming popular.


UPVC window

The UPVC window 

What does UPVC mean, in the first place? This is the actual composition of UPVC windows. The frames that can be found in these windows are composed of poly vinyl chloride, or PVC. Steel is then galvanized within the frame, rendering the frame very sturdy.

Why are more and more people changing their old windows to the UPVC types? You will only find out why if you are aware of the features that you will find in a UPVC window. This window type is gaining popularity because of many reasons. To start with, this window type can withstand any harsh weather, such as snow and rain storm. This feature alone is unique to the UPVC window, compared to the other windows.

The UPVC window possesses extraordinary insulating capacity. Because of this feature, you can be assured that your room will be warm and protected from the cold outside environment. So, if you have probably noticed by now, houses in the colder areas are likely to have UPVC windows.

The UPVC window type comes in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and designs. Obviously, the shape and size of the UPVC window that should be used in a small room will be very different from those required in large rooms. This means that you need not worry about not finding the proper window for your room, just because it is too small or too large from your perspective.

UPVC doors and windows also come in various colors. No longer will you be made to choose from a very limited palette of colors, thus you can pick out that very color that you want for your room.

UPVC windows have many other features. These window types resist the development and build-up of rust and corrosion. They are likewise fashionable and convenient to put up. They are also easy to maintain and can last you a long time. These windows keep off air and water very effectively. It is a very versatile type of window, not very fussy, and requires only simple cleaning methods.

An overwhelming array of styles and designs of UPVC windows are commercially available. The patterns that you are likely to find are very attractive. Casement windows, sliding types, French windows, combination types and turn models are just some of the window patterns that you can choose from.

Benefits of uPVC Windows

UPVC stands for Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. UPVC windows and doors are enjoying popularity in a good number of countries. In England , many people are shifting to these types of doors and windows because, unlike traditional windows, UPVCs have a lot more advantages to offer the homeowner. Here are just some of them.

• Energy efficient

• Much safer to use

• More cost effective

• Requires minimal maintenance

UPVC Energy Efficiency:

As has been previously mentioned, UPVC windows and doors are fantastic insulators. During the very cold winter months, they are able to keep your room warm. When the summer sun is making the environment hot, the room is kept cool by the UPVC doors and windows. Unlike materials such as aluminum and wood, UPVC are more effective thermal insulators. During summertime, it works by deflecting the heat of the sun, thus keeping the room at a lower temperature. The result of this efficient insulation is, of course, more energy savings. This easily solves the problem of skyrocketing electric bills that seems to plague the whole of UK at the moment. UPVC windows are likewise recyclable, thus making them environmentally friendly as well.

UPVC Maintenance:

Everyone probably knows that pain that it takes to maintain wood windows. Wood is subject to rotting, and some people actually resort to frequent painting, sanding, and other maintenance techniques just to preserve these windows. Lesser maintenance is required by aluminum windows, but these window types are notorious for developing rust and corrosion after a few years. In contrast, UPVC windows can withstand these elemental factors, since they are sturdy. They are convenient to clean and do not require elaborate maintenance. All it takes to clean UPVC windows is the use of mild cleaning solutions and a wet cloth.

UPVC Windows Cost:

You will be likely elated to know that UPVC windows and doors are actually less expensive than wood and aluminum types. The cost that you will need to put out in buying UPVC types will not be as much. You even have the chance to get these doors and windows at even lower prices because local makers can sell you their products at prices that are definitely lower than those produced by bigger manufacturers.

UPVC Windows Saftey:

UPVC windows and doors are proving to be just as strong and firm as their aluminum counterparts. This has an important implication in home security. In this arena, wood will definitely be left out, as they are the least durable of the lot. The locks that you install on your doors and windows will affect the amount of security that they will give your house. A good locking device system in combination with UPVC doors and windows will keep your house security. Even if you have a UPVC window, you are not assured of security if you have a faulty locking system.

UPVC types of windows and doors

The UPVC window 

UPVC Windows Instead of Wood Windows:

UPVC windows are very much unlike wood windows because the former do not require regular painting, nor do they require filling and sanding. You only have to clean them using simple implements, thus helping you save on paint.

Obviously, UPVC doors and windows perform excellently when it comes to weather resistance. In contrast, wood windows crumble under intense sunlight. They also do not stand all too well with wind exposure and humidity. Likewise, wood windows fail all too easily with constant exposure to rainfall. These problems are hardly, if ever, encountered with UPVC windows and doors.

Another factor that goes against wood is that termites can bring down the wooden structure, which can eventually cost you much in terms of termite control and window maintenance.

You are also offered more choices with the UPVC types of windows and doors. The same thing cannot be said about wooden types. For big rooms, you can buy the sliding models, or perhaps pick out the French types, or bay windows, or the turn types. The choices are nearly endless. This again cannot be said about wooden windows and doors.